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EAS Mentorship Program

This 3-month mentorship programme aims to develop our members professionally and motivate more experienced alumni members to help mentor the younger graduates. 


  • Provide opportunities, greater understanding and knowledge of potential job functions and career pathways across different industries, engineering or non-engineering.

  • Promote sharing of knowledge and experience within the EAS community.

  • Motivate and assist EAS members to take ownership to chart their own career path.

  • Encourage EAS members to contribute back to help fellow alumni.


  • The 3-month programme consists of monthly online meetings between mentor and mentee. 

  • The mentees will be matched with more experienced mentors based on their expressed area/s of interest or industries.

  • Surveys will be conducted after each meeting to seek feedback on the mentoring experience.

Role of Mentor

  • Preferably with about 5 years and more working experience. No limitation to the work industry and able to commit at least 2 hours a month to engage with mentee/s.

  • Provide guidance on career support and growth opportunities to mentee.

  • Encourage mentee by sharing personal experiences and challenges that had shaped you previously.

  • Be open and generous with sharing, while managing mentee’s expectations.


If you are interested to become one of our mentors, please click here to fill up the form.


Role of Mentee

  • Be proactive in engaging mentor to discuss career development goals and concerns. 

  • Be open and receptive to mentor’s advice, while contributing constructively to the conversation.

  • Evaluate progress and provide feedback on the experience.


If you are interested to become a mentee, please click here to fill up the form.

We will get in touch with you once there is a successful pairing.

If there are any queries, please send us an email at

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